Let Your Colors Run - The Remixes

by Post Death Soundtrack

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jacksonartppr thumbnail
jacksonartppr All the tracks in the album are well admired and it is good job done by the Post Death Soundtrack. Appericate the The way they sing and composed.
emilyrose12 thumbnail
emilyrose12 Awesome Track, Most of my time spend with it <3 Favorite track: Beauty Eyes I Adore (Brian Nance Feltsonix Mix).
dominicwilliams86 thumbnail
dominicwilliams86 Let Your Colors Run - The Remixes is such a brilliant title for this album, because it really is a run of sound that's been remixed. My favourite track is Beauty Eye I Adore (Daring Rescue Mix) as it has that perfect oscillating vibe that is like being on a roundabout of sound, a turntable if you will. There's a great part in there where the bass underlies urgency of the synth loop. All in all, worth a few listens to really discern everything going on! Favorite track: Beauty Eyes I Adore (Daring Rescue Mix by Jon Ireson).
jendan thumbnail
jendan Post Death Soundtrack drops a surprising & mesmerizing remix LP of tracks from The Unlearning Curve that are re-worked into unusual, interesting, mostly electronica-based shapes.
Captivating original "Beauty Eyes I Adore" gets two strung-out takes, a peppy club mix by Strauss & DeMarco Cruz , & ambient drift by Jon Ireson.
The Terra Remix of "Transform in White Light" changes the pace to upbeat electronica, while Oomack's remix is smooth dance-pop.
A thoroughly enjoyable and unexpected album. Favorite track: Transform in White Light (Terra Remix).
Malika Dahl
Malika Dahl thumbnail
Malika Dahl Let’s imagine:
A dark place where time will trickle slow.
This is where the remix-album of the Canadian Band Post Death Soundtrack will transport you with their Psychedelic Rock – Electronic music. Their songs combine calmness with obliqueness, their voices add adventurous harmonies. The songs are build into complex nets of unlike sounds and melodies. It needs an open mind to appreciate this music. So, sit down, close your eyes and get transformed in white light. Favorite track: White Light (Oomack Remix).
Joshua Smotherman
Joshua Smotherman thumbnail
Joshua Smotherman Post Death Soundtrack have completely flipped the script for some seriously scintillating sonic soundscapes. This Canadian trio really knows how to stretch the limits of the remix to the max.
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We would like to thank all of the artists/producers for lending their passion, talent and unique creative vision to this remix album. We released the stems in the summer of 2016 and we were blown away by the range of interpretations and complete reimaginings of our work. It was an exciting and humbling process for us. The tracks on this album are our favourite submissions alongside remixes by members of the band. Thank you for listening! - Post Death Soundtrack


released March 10, 2017

1. Our Time Is Now (Schrödinger's Neurotransmitter Mix) by Post Death Soundtrack’s Jon Ireson

2. TransformInWhiteLightRemixbyTerrancePryor by Terrance Pryor (www.twitter.com/terrancepryor, www.facebook.com/terrancepryor, www.instagram.com/terrancepryor, www.soundcloud.com/terrancepryor, terrancepryor@gmail.com)

3. Little Alice_Jabberwocky Mix2 by Casey Braunger [Textile Arcade], soundcloud.com/casey-braunger

4. White Light (Oomack Remix) by Oomack, (soundcloud.com/oomack, oomackofficial@gmail.com)

5. B34UTY_3Y35_1_4D0R3 by Mankittie@yahoo.com, mankittie (aka: lunchbox)" Joshua Rodriguez

6. Our Time Is Now (XSRY Remix) by XSRY, www.xsry.bandcamp.com

7. Beauty Eyes I Adore (Brian Nance Feltsonix Mix) by Brian Nance (tech22livendirect.com, m.facebook.com/brian.nance.98
m.mixcloud.com/briannance98/, m.soundcloud.com/brian-nance)

8. Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway mix) by Post Death Soundtrack’s Jon Ireson

9. Little Alice (Steven Olaf mix) by Steven Olaf (stevenolaf.bandcamp.com, stevenolaf@yahoo.com)

10. Transform in White Light (CMO Mix) by Craig Olsen (www.cdbaby.com/Artist/CraigOlsen?_ga=1.229300254.385965664.1468780675, soundcloud.com/djcmhouse-com, djcmhouse@gmail.com)

11. Beauty Eyes I Adore (Strauss & DeMarco mix) by Joshua Strauss (soundcloud.com/strauss-josh, www.facebook.com/joshua.strauss.3) and Demarco Cruz (soundcloud.com/demarcocruz, www.facebook.com/demarcocruz702/, www.mixcloud.com/demarcocruz/)

12. Beauty Eyes I Adore (Daring Rescue Mix) by Post Death Soundtrack’s Jon Ireson

13. Little Alice (March to the Guillotine mix) by Post Death Soundtrack’s Jon Ireson

14. I Adore White Light (vitowsky mix) by Matt Witowski (twitter.com/Vitowskymusic, soundcloud.com/vitowsky, www.facebook.com/vitowskymusic, www.instagram.com/vitowsky_music/, vitowsky@live.com)

15. Little Alice (Bad Trip mix) by Post Death Soundtrack’s Jon Ireson

16. Transform in White Light (Disarm Mix) by Post Death Soundtrack’s Jon Ireson

17. Transform in White Light exerpt with poem by Shaun Friesen



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Post Death Soundtrack

Post Death Soundtrack is a Canadian inter-city music collective consisting of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. Founded in Calgary in 2007 by Buck and Moore, the band now operates out of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto using the magic of the internet to collaborate across the country. The group creates thought-provoking music by weaving together electronic, industrial, pop and rock sounds. ... more

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