It Will Come Out Of Nowhere

by Post Death Soundtrack

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static-dreams Beautiful experimental album
Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman
Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman thumbnail
Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman Post Death Soundtrack create more than just music. They create fully immersive experiences that stimulate your entire sensory system. I imagine mad scientists in their sonic laboratory pouring every ounce of their energy into creating something epic, distinct and masterful. Bottom line, Post Death Soundtrack NEVER disappoint! Favorite track: Chosen Sons.
postchaos11 thumbnail
postchaos11 I listen to a variety of different genres including: doom, psychedelic and of course industrial music and I should say I dig this album very much. it got all of those vibes and still sound unique and experimental at the same time. I, personally am not a big fan of such "drums in the front" mixing but I'm big time into those analog synths and heavy sounds. especially on songs Chosen Sons and Ripples in the living dreams which are my favourites on the album. Favorite track: Chosen Sons.
dominicwilliams86 thumbnail
dominicwilliams86 Post Death Soundtrack have done it again. Their master of the synth is legendary and 'Pathless Land' is a standout track. The soundscape is absolutely lush. Fallout, it's eerie, almost as if you're exploring a sewer system of a city in a post atomic horror. In fact, Fallout is my favourite track on the album. Look forward to more releases! Favorite track: Fallout.
Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow thumbnail
Yvonne Glasgow I'm an old school industrial music fan. This album makes me want to go get my 90s Goth boots out of the basement and dance around the house in a fishnet shirt. It's hard to pick a favorite track, but "Expect No Sympathy" really stood out to me. It has a sound that would have made it perfect on The Crow soundtrack, or even in the movie Queen Of The Damned. It's dark, mysterious... and even has some spooky moments. Favorite track: Expect No Sympathy.
DivineBullet thumbnail
DivineBullet this band is awsome if you want to take a trip to a diferent dimension you need to hear this guys, great melody, nice lyrics! Favorite track: Expect No Sympathy.
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released February 15, 2019

Music by Jon Ireson and Steve Moore
Produced by Jon Ireson
Additional vocals on 'Benediction' by Lyndsay Johnston
Art+Design by Colin Everall
Mastering by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, California
© Post Death Soundtrack 2019


all rights reserved



Post Death Soundtrack

Doom, trip-hop and ambient psychedelia are flung violently at the industrial canvas of Post Death Soundtrack's incendiary new album, It Will Come Out Of Nowhere.

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Track Name: Chosen Sons
All paths lead to the same place
With the new suit comes a new face
Of innocence
You are such a bright light
Cruising for moths
It’s in your nature to prey on the lost
Tradition rots you from inside
Cheap trinkets in your eyes
Everyone in costumes waiting for the call
The call that never comes
The task that’s never done
Beneath a tunnel vision sky
The perfect place for hope to hide

You are the chosen son
On this bastard day
The virgins laugh
The fools obey
You don the black mask
Strut in the parade
With the chosen sons
On this bastard day

We were born on the run
Our penance is never done
Fools waiting for the sun
We bow down to the beast, the lord, the one
Track Name: Crumbs
Fairweather friends, the Sun is shining bright
Gather ‘round for the Fall
Today we celebrate for this will be the day
We speak the truth and burn it all
Boys cry to Mother
When the hologram shows feist
Mother appears in the form they choose
To feed them crumbs…feed them crumbs

The mistress lives in secrecy
The script she reads is memory
Her shadow is trained to heel
The actors in her dream will kneel
What you call reality…
It’s only flattery
You’ll never take her home
You’ll never get her alone
No, you’ll never get her alone
You will just feed on crumbs…feed on crumbs
Track Name: Dark Matter
Baby fortune wish away
Predator and hopeful prey
I am just a clown today
I am just a beast at play
Weather’s warm and so inviting
Lady luck beside me smiling (x2)
Here before the Red Dawn
Now tell me who the joke’s on (x2)
White noise energy
Dark matter deafening
Shroud this all in secrecy
As a simple courtesy

Death is very close today
Close enough to choke its prey

Headless angel
Father dear
Turn away and I appear
Let me make it crystal clear (x2)
You are a hound on the trail
Sliced into pieces
All of them for sale
How long can you run your mouth?
The whole world is going south

White noise energy
Dark matter deafening
Shroud this all in secrecy
As a simple courtesy
White noise energy
Dark matter deafening
Down we go spiraling
Down we go spiraling (out)

Death is very close today
Close enough to choke its prey

Yeah, so close today
It’s really very close today
Track Name: Expect No Sympathy
When you open the floodgates
Anything may come
I AM HERE (x2)
You build your paper walls
Cry when your deity falls
Cry foul
Cry foul
Oh, it’s a free-for-all
You pray for the winds of change
The winds of change do as they please
Expect no sympathy
Expect no sympathy now that I’m free

I’m free
Track Name: Ripples in the Living Dream
Crowd around the altar
The eye of the storm
Your Mother, Your Father
Your being unborn
I’m not with the program
I see no picket fence
No absolution
No future tense

Crowd around the nexus
Fire at will!
The enemy is dreaming
Shoot to kill!
When the mind cracks open
Sarvam is anew
Naturally abandon
The myth of ‘You’

(Horizons, Horizons, Horizons)


Ripples in the living dream
New horizons beyond the thought stream
Horizons (repeat)
Track Name: Benediction
We drown in ecstasy
We have no concern
Once we were dreaming
A dream we have unlearned
We ran to the hiding place
To find all laid bare
No engine for illusion
Feverish air
Wanderers of the deep
Taking great care
Tending to the light
Taking great care

All happening as it should
All blooming as it should

This one is both here and there
Pickpocket in the market square
This one is both here and there
This one is everywhere
Track Name: Piercing the Veil
I have been lifting the veil

Down on your knees now
Out in the backyard
Onto the next world
Send us a postcard
Mission has failed now
We can all go home
Waiting is over
Hang up the phone

I have been lifting the veil

Blurry-eyed children
Wandering softly
Into the waking dream of the master

All will remain
Just as it is now
Hands off the wheel
Let the sky come down

In the realm of eternal mirage
Inside the tiger’s mouth
Before the benediction
Free of division
A rare one’s colors will run
In darkness I feel the sun (x2)

All will remain
Just as it is now
Hands off the wheel
Let the sky come down (x2)
I think I hear footsteps
(I have been piercing the veil)
No code to live by. What’s next?
(I have been piercing the veil)
And sure, I wish them all success
(I have been piercing the veil)
Though their identity is suspect
(I have been piercing the veil)
Track Name: Fallout
Bareback on the war pig
Think I’ll ride this one out
Until the truth comes out
Until your luck runs out
Running but it comes from all sides
It waits in the places you hide
Shedding your skin to find rot
You live but you are not

Hyena smiling
Hunting calm
Wandering, Roaming
Coming on
It’s coming on
It’s kicking in
It’s turning on
It’s rushing through
It’s telling me just what to do

Open season
All out
Burning the house down
Move out
Track Name: Pathless Land
Freedom (repeats throughout song)
From being right
From the need to fight
From manic desire
From climbing ever higher
From the mantis bride
From the human ride
From tribal law
From the fatal flaw
From temples of mind
From needing a sign
From the seekers of truth
From the altar of youth
From Buddha and Christ
From Allah and sage advice
From You and I
We and Them
Live and Die
Come on, you lifeless prey
Come on, tear the veil away
Oh, die to it all
Die to it all, I say
Fear cowers before you
There’s no need to hide
Love is always with you
There is no divide
Track Name: Bridge Burner
All my creatures bear the mark
All my babes left in the dark
All my bodies bleeding out
All my voices screaming out

All my paths have led to this
Field endless and tenantless
All my truths are forgeries
All my knowns now mysteries

Light me up

I’ll be the Bridge Burner
No ties
I’m a fast learner
I’ll be the hyena
Unwelcome drifter
I’ll be the Shapeshifter
I’ll be the veil lifter
I’ll be the Bridge Burner
Trishula of Shiva

Mother’s never coming home
Oh babe, you’re never alone
You don’t need her anymore
Let her wash up ragged on another dreamer’s shore

I can’t see you from here (x4)

At the edge of it all (repeat)

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